“You can depend on us to increase the profitability of your property.
Archirent renovations make properties the most attractive and profitable that they can be, making a renovation with us an essential step for getting the most out of selling or renting your apartment.

At Archirent, we offer comprehensive consultations to both domestic and international clients throughout the entire property renovation process, making sure the figures are accurate before launching the project, whether it’s for a home, an office or a commercial space.

Our professionals analyse the potential by checking current property market conditions, conducting technical studies and running profitability analyses.

This analysis provides key data for determining how to best renovate your property and make it as profitable as possible. At Archirent, we guarantee that your property’s profitability will increase..

‘We tailor our services for all types of clients, whether they’re individuals or
investors. We propose the most suitable options for every customer,
handling both design and finance.’

aumentar la rentabilidad de tu inmueble
aumentar la rentabilidad de tu inmueble
aumentar la rentabilidad de tu inmueble

Unoccupied property starting value
(Without commercial outlet)
Sale: 100.000€
Rent: 1.000€/month

Archirent Reno
Work: 15.000€

Sales Value after refurbishment works
(Sold out in less than 2 months)

Sale: 130.000€
Rent: 1.400€/month

The Archirent team received a call from the owner of a property which has been vacant for two years. After our professionals’ first visit to the property, we see that it isn’t in any condition to go on the market. They’ll need to renovate if they want to sell the property or rent it out. At Archirent, we guarantee that the property will go on the market and will increase in value. After a month of renovations, the property was sold for 30% higher than its initial price.

‘Archirent makes sure that the profitability of your property increases while also getting it out for sale at a much higher price than expected as soon as they finish the job.’

I managed to increase the value of my apartment and put it on the market after a renovation with Archirent. Before starting the process, they valued my property and guaranteed me that it’d be profitable after the renovation.

Archirent Client