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Turn your house into a home with a personalised plan where you come first. A creative process that we’ll run through with you until you get the results you want.

Enjoy renovating your house with Archirent and find out just how easy it is. A group of expert architects and interior designers who’ll work hard to get you the best results.

‘You. Second person pronoun. The focal point of the project we work on and the reason why we do it.’



Imagine your dream house. We make it a reality. From the get go, we’ll be in constant contact with you going over all the details of the renovation of your home. You can see it all beforehand thanks to the latest technology like the creation of 3D blueprints and virtual reality. That way, you’ll know exactly what your house will be like before work even begins.


Our interior designers’ focus mirrors your vision of your dream house, perfectly matching the décor from the very beginning of the relationship. With a relationship of over 10 years with many of our suppliers, we can positively say that you won’t find prices lower than ours while also always working with premium quality materials.


Second person pronoun. You. The centrepiece of the project we work on and the reason why we do it. We’re 100% committed to delivering a job well-done that’s guaranteed to leave you satisfied. Under the constant supervision of our architects and interior designers, you’ll get a personalised and unique product made with high-quality materials that fits your budget.


Find out the advantages of contract Archirent premium services and get the most of your property

Fixed price

Quickest possible completion time

Finacial Facility

5 years warranty

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