Project description

This project was commissioned by Inversity, a company that focuses on investing in real estate to generate profitability for their customers. In this case, it was a former parlour that had to be converted into an apartment to rent. For this project, we had to adjust a lot of the budget to generate greater profitability for the client after the property was rented out. The client also wanted to harness the space as much as possible. To do this, we had high ceilings and an area that could be converted into an attic or guest bedroom in the upper part of the property.

Firstly, we requested for all of the permits necessary to convert the area into housing. Then, our team of architects designed the new layout with the attic and the upper section. The client also wanted us to decorate the property and to include everything that their future tenants would need. A letting agent subsequently marketed the rental.



Rent ready modern apartment.

Rented during the first viewing after its release on the market.

Client satisfied with the result. An increase in profitability of over 5%.

Our Goal

“Our goal was to design a complete dwelling unit with everything that future tenants would need.

We also wanted to use the space as much as possible, meeting our client’s expectations. To do this, we built an attic with a second double bed in the upper part of the property. The cost marginally increased, but it produces a nice ‘wow’ effect when one visits the property.”

Project Type: Profitability

Housing Typology: Apartament

Area: 42m²

City: Madrid

Budget: 31.000,99€