Project description

This property is committed to promoting life in the neighbourhood, unlike the new multi-family blocks. The ground floor of the property was transformed into an extension of the street. To do this, the building envelope was folded into an accordion, leaving the entire front open. By doing so, the ground floor merged with public space, becoming a middle ground that allows people to interact with their neighbours, sit down in the fresh air, keep the door open for processions and parades as part of neighbourhood parties and so on.


It provides access to a garden area that directly connects to the living area. The entire house is arranged around this courtyard in an ascending spiral. The path starts with a gentle ramp that goes up half a level to the living area and then connects with a staircase that bridges the next level up to the bedroom area, and finally, it scales the façade to arrive on the roof with views overlooking the sea.

Project Type: Premium

Area: 297 m²

City: Alicante

Budget: 88.000 €